You Are The Challenge

I am Daniel Commas Riera and i was born on a June 15 1981 in Gava a village of Catalonia Barcelona Spain. At the age of 18 i became professional pilot and Biketrial became in my life.

I owe my life and passion for Biketrial to my father Josep who has been my mentor since i was very small, he was a great pilot of moto trial for many years and taught me the beginnings of this discipline at an early age, with less than 5 years gave me my first Moto trial with which soon I learned to overcome obstacles by roads in Mountain, so we practically I was born on two wheels. When I was 6 years old my father took me to see an exhibition of Ot Pi in the international car show in Barcelona and i was amazed to see what could be done with a bycicle the same as my father with the bike, was there when i fell in love even more of the trial, from that moment I knew the Biketrial was what I wanted to do and since then I put all my effort to learn more every day. there began my story.

It was a dream and illusion that i had since i was a child, and that on the basis of the family support and personal effort little by little was becoming a reality.

In my first race I had very good results, and that motivated me even more and I started to train harder and take it seriously. It was my passion. At that stage I started competing in Catalonia, until at age 14 I got my dad to take me  to a Spain Championship competition and was pleasantly surprised that because of this competition I was selected to participate in the world championship.

I have very good memories of when I was 16 years old because I won my first junior world championship, also I won first in the scratch category, so next year I could compete at the highest International level (elite). Was a great year because also got my first win in the elite championship held in Ibiza Spain.

In my first season as Elite pilot with just 17 years old I got second place in the  World Biketrial, was a surprise to everyone even for me.

I got my first World Championship at age 18. I remember it with great affection. I finally got what I always dreamed. I had fulfilled my dream. I was a professional with only 18 years winning the International Championship and the Biketrial was turned into my life. It was what I had always wanted to be: world champion.

In 2001, at age 19, I had my worst injury. I tore the cruciate ligaments of the knee. Twice. I spent two years without taking a bicycle. I was 19 and had just won the first world championship. I went from glory to nothing. I was about to leave the BikeTrial. They were the hardest moments of my career, but not I gave up.

When I returned to the competition, I won my second World championship. That was my big moment. It Changed everything. After two years without playing a bicycle, I came back and I won. I was in the glory again. But this time was different.

After the injury, that world championship filled me with a great motivation. I realized that to be on top, to be the best, only it is necessary to believe in oneself. others don’t matter. I am the worst rival. My goal is to beat every day. I am my own challenge.

You are the challenge

Since then in my sport trajectory I have had many experiences, I suffered bad times and I cried for happiness in others. I’ve reached the goal several times and each one of them has been special, I’ll never forget. I could check me myself that I can if I propose it to me and I felt the satisfaction of having achieved several successes how to win in all categories and take first place in the highest level in both modalities (20”&26”). Undoubtedly it is worth all the effort and sacrifice that deserves.

Once successful does not mean it’s over so Today I can say that my life is the Biketrial and I struggle every day to maintain the illusion, enthusiasm and motivation to continue overcoming my own challenges.