Thanks to the spectacular nature of the Biketrial and great experience offering by Dani Comas high level shows can be adapted to any site complementing events with a new twist, fun and Original.

You can contact Dani Comas, no. 1 Current biketrial to exhibitions all over the world: festivals, fairs, presentations, clubs, businesses, sporting events … etc.

With little space you can enjoy much of a spectacle unequaled 9 times world champion Biketrial. Thus, we have everything you need for this type of action / shows, so the facilities are high to meet your needs. Also, to see the true world champion biketrial doing stunts and showing his incredible skills on a trial bike has a very reasonable cost.

This show is so dynamic and striking attracting both large and small, and so also is that Dani performs a space dedicated to the instruction of this discipline by biketrial workshop schools, where the curious will venture into this so exciting sports world. The public always very grateful and happy to have learned from the hand of the best in the world.

For more information you can get in touch with us using the following e-mail